Slave to Fashion, or Style Savvy? How to update your look!

Fashion – turn to the left, fashion, turn to the right.... but which way do we turn? We’re bombarded with info on what’s in, what’s out and what we should be wearing this season. So how do we make sense of it all – us – real people, not models or fashion muses?

If you’re in your teens or twenties, chances are you might be more led by what’s ‘fashionable’. As we get more comfortable in our own skins, we realise it’s more about what looks great on us - what suits us; our colouring; our body shape; our personalities; our lifestyle. All these elements - I refer to them as the ‘power of three’ – colour, shape and suitability - are key to finding your own sense of style.  As Lauren Hutton said, ‘Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.’

Vogue may tell us we’ll all be wearing massively billowing sleeves this season, it doesn’t mean you should run to the shops to clad your wrists in yards of fabric! If you’re petite, or grander in scale for that matter, care is needed to ensure you keep proportions in check. And it’s a tricky trend for anyone who basically ever likes to eat or drink (dunking risk!).

Last summer, the dreaded crop top cemented itself as a ‘trend’. Great news - if you’re  18 and have abs of steel, not so great if you have a (gorgeous) ‘mum tum’, or haven’t seen your twenties for sometime... Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one to put ‘rules’ or age restrictions on clothing – I draw your attention back to my power of three – if it’s a great colour for you, suits your body shape, and reflects  your personality and lifestyle then go for it!

With fashion, the trick is to be aware of the trends, then interpret them

to suit your ‘power of three’. So let’s go back to that crop top – you could

wear a slightly shorter top layered over a long line vest to get the look,

without the exposure. You can give a nod to those billowing peasant sleeves

with just a subtle fluting at the wrists. It’s all about making it work for you!

(Right – Topshop frilled sleeve top £19)

It’s also about being up-to-date, rather than high-fashion. A nod to the trends by wearing a classic trench but in the season’s ‘it’ colour, or a flash of animal print in a bag or shoe can be enough to say “I know what’s current, but I’m not a slave to fashion”. Remember, it’s meant to be a bit of fun – don’t take it too seriously!

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