Seriously Stylish Workshop - Dressing to Suit YOU!

Friday 3 May - 9.30am to 1pm - ​Just ONE space left!

Feeling overwhelmed with the amount of choice in the clothes shops? Fed up of wearing the same things over and over? Struggle to find things that fit you well and make you feel confident? See outfits on other people and think – I wish I could wear that? Have you lost your style mojo?

I can help! I’ve created the “Seriously Stylish” Workshop to help you put together the style puzzle pieces, so you can make sure you’re dressing in a way makes you look and feel fabulous!
Wearing clothes that suit our shape and proportions, and fit in with our lifestyle and personality, can really help us shine with confidence. Once you understand how to dress to really make the most of YOU, it makes shopping and dressing, easier, quicker, and more cost effective.

In this workshop we’ll be looking at:
*What makes a well-dressed person and why it matters?
*Size doesn’t matter, shape does – understanding bodylines

and proportions
*Introducing the Six Style Personalities
*Considering your lifestyle
*The added touches – how to style and accessorise your outfit

Limited to just 6 ladies, you'll get personalised attention so you go away understanding of your body lines and proportions and with guidance on how to dress to for your shape and your personality, so you feel like YOU. During the session, you'll also get lots of ideas and inspiration on how to style and accessorise an outfit.

Tickets are just £65 each and include refreshments, a review of your clothing to see what's working for you and what's not, your personalised style personality profile, and a shape and style summary handout as a useful reminder when shopping.