What my Lovely Clients have to Say...


Style & Image...

"Vicky is an amazing colour and style consultant. Within minutes of arriving at her fabulous studio she had opened my eyes to options I didn’t know I had before. And then more and more as the consultation went on. I not only left knowing what colours worked best on me and how to combine them but also knowing what kind of clothes to look for and how to wear them. As one of those blokes who never really knew how to do that before it has been a liberating and fun experience. For once the thought of shopping doesn’t fill me with horror! A brilliant job all round Vicky. Thanks again." Alistair N

“ Having fretted about finding some new key pieces for my wardrobe, my
shopping trip with Vicky just showed me how a new pair of experienced eyes
can make all the difference. Having someone who can be honest without being
personal, who can suggest things you might not normally try and who can just
help you not be overwhelmed when surrounded by clothes in a department
store is worth every penny spent. I came away with some great purchases, all
​within budget and having had an enjoyable day rather than my usual “wrung out” feeling from shopping trips. Thank you Vicky.” Kate T

​"It was fab meeting you today and helping me declutter my wardrobe and think about my style, colours etc. I found it so helpful and renewed my confidence with my clothes now! So much so, that I went out and bought a Warehouse charcoal grey biker jacket, I know I will wear this heaps and will be a fresh new look for me. I'm going to match it up with some bright blue trousers and my magic new Stella and Dot silver necklace!!  Kate J

Coaching Clients...

"I felt relaxed and motivated throughout my six sessions and entirely confident in my coach Vicky. I have gained a lot more confidence and feel extremely clear in my progression. Thank you so much Vicky, would recommend you to anyone!" Lisa H
                                                                                                                               "As a coach Vicky was extremely encouraging and supportive of whatever I wanted to work on, and when I would go off piste she had a great reassuring way of bringing me back to focus. She
is strong and challenging when I need it and knows when I need space to

Through Vicky’s questioning I have recognised things about myself that I was
unaware of before, and considering I see myself with a strong self awareness,
this really impressed me and worked well for me. Overall I could not have
​asked for a better coach. I would recommend Vicky to anyone." Victoria H                                                                                                          
"I was really impressed with how the coaching made me look at tackling the current issues causing me stress and now with most aspects of my life!  It has helped me to organise and simplify my everyday tasks to be honest! I make lists quite often now to achieve my most pressing tasks rather than worrying about them all at once! Thank you Vicky!!" Sally B